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•    We have developed a very thorough and sophisticated online course, Ejet Online, which we hope has something for everybody. This is an entertaining and engaging course where learners can see real progress in a very short time span, while still having fun. While it has a distinctive business slant, it has many other practical sides to it, helping you to improve your English in a truly dynamic fashion. Our new service is open to all of our clients, both old and new.
•    The course consists of five levels, from A1 to B2. There are five different sections to each unit: grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and pronunciation. There is also a ‘Dictionary’ section, where you can find all the vocabulary studied in each unit, but this, for the time being, only has a translation into Spanish. Nevertheless, we are sure that you can find the translations in your own language. Remember; a good dictionary is essential to learning a language.
•    The activities are practical and hands on. The page is very user friendly; the exercises are completed by moving the words around the page. Once you have finished this, click on the continue button at the bottom of the page, so you can see how you got on! Make sure that you dedicate some time to each section, particularly the lessons in the Grammar section, where you can study the lesson. Remember, once you have completed the activity, you must move on to the next one, so a little study time on each section is really recommendable. This will help you to see real progress in all your skills and within a very short period.
•    So come on and get started on your Ejet Online course! Once you start, no doubt, you will be hooked!

Course Name Level Units
 Course 1  A 1  10
 Course 2  A 1+  10
 Course 3  A 2  10
 Course 4  B 1  10
 Course 5  B 2  10
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